Tree Pruning in Croydon, London

Watch on as your trees flourish year on year with our tree pruning services. At A N Rowland Ltd, in Croydon, London, we carry out tree pruning and crown reduction services to maintain the good condition of your trees. Our experienced tree surgeons ensure that your trees are well-maintained. Reduce the risk of injury and hazards and increase the amount of light and air available to the landscape below with professional tree pruning. Speak to a member of the team to find out more and to arrange a free quote.

Pruning by Professionals

Careful pruning removes dead branches and crowded or rubbing limbs to allow your trees to grow freely and healthily. Increase the available space for your trees to grow with our top-quality tree pruning carried out by experts. Our deep understanding of growth allows us to meticulously prune and perfect your trees. Good pruning keeps your trees healthy and maintains the structure of your trees. Improve the appearance and boost the value of your overall landscape with fully pruned trees.

Crown Reduction

Extend the lifespan of your trees with a combination of reduction and thinning. This lets you keep a tree in place which may otherwise outgrow its position. We often use this for older trees to improve stability and longevity.

Crown Thinning

Help your tree to manage strong winds and allow air to move freely through it with tree thinning services carried out by experienced arborists. Our tree thinning allows light to enter the tree, aiding healthy growth.

Crown Raising

Enhance accessibility and enable visibility without having to remove your tree with our crown raising services. Our fully trained and highly qualified tree surgeons offer crown raising services to augment your tree's lifespan.


Remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches with our comprehensive dead-wooding service. We clean out the area, removing foreign objects and intrusive plants such as ivy.

Contact us today, in Croydon, London, for more information about our tree pruning and crown reduction solutions.