Tree Stump Removal in Croydon, London

For fast and effective stump removal, look no further than the professional gardeners at A N Rowland, in Croydon, London. Improve your garden with a full stump removal and inspection service. Removing your stump frees up valuable space and allows you to shape and style your landscapes to perfection.

Stump Grinding Specialists

With the use of specialist stump grinding equipment, our experienced tree surgeons and gardeners remove stumps of any shape or size. Your tree stump is ground down to an estimated 12 inches below the ground, allowing you plenty of space to lay a lawn or concrete.

Narrow Access - No Problem

Our pedestrian-controlled stump grinder will fit through a 25-inch gap, so even if you have no side access we can usually bring it through your front door and out through your back door. Chippings produced from stump grinding can be recycled or composted, ensuring that your surroundings are left clean and tidy. No matter how big or small, we have the knowledge and expertise to remove it.

Contact our highly skilled team of gardeners today, in Croydon, London, to obtain more information about our tree stump removal solutions.